Friday, July 29, 2011

A morning

Good morning
As the sun rises through her bright orange and yellow striped curtains, she hesitantly wakes up to the new morning. She takes God's name, misses her family, her lover and her cuddly dog whom she loves the most. She decides to feel their warmth and shuts her eyes for some more minutes when she is suddenly disturbed by the strong bangs on her door. Irritated, she opens the door with sleepy eyes to find her angry friend with both hands at hip who is shouting at her to get up. She nods obediently and again goes back to sleep only to wake up by a fiercer and urgent bang by the same friend. This time she has no option, but to take her red bucket, sexy pink gown and rush to the common bathroom. To her disappointment, she finds all bathrooms filled and sadly places her bucket in front of one. After brushing and washing face, she is somewhat able to open her sleepy eyes. The same friend emerges from one of the bathrooms and keeps her bucket there. She smiles, takes her bath and goes back to her room. On her way, she carefully places her shiny red bucket exactly in front of her pink gown till she reaches her room in order to avoid the risk of wind unveiling her privacy. As she gets dressed, she has to keep changing from one outfit to another to find one which fits her. She gets frustrated as she just realizes that she has become even fatter. She curses herself for being fat. One more bang at the door by the same indispensable friend, makes her rush for breakfast where she carefully selects the healthiest food available out of a couple of oily, greasy and severely fattening foods. Happy about her healthy meal, she promises herself to work out daily. As she runs to class, she envies all slim girls on the way and makes up her mind to be one among them. She forgets the fact that this is the promise she makes to herself daily in the morning and forgets it by noon.