Monday, August 13, 2012

My Mom

Sitting with palms on cheeks
I started feeling meek

Weak and low in confidence
Missing someone’s presence
Someone who mattered so much
who cared with a loving touch

I missed her
more and more

The farther she went
It got easy to vent

Messed up was I
Only who cared was she

She was my sun shine
Without her I felt like a vine

I never told her
whenever she was near

that how much I cared
and even more I loved

Never did I show any emotion
Though she had the notion

I will wait for her arrival
Till then will be busy in revival

Doing Nothing!

Facebook, gmail and nothing
combined with lot of sleeping

is a great way of doing nothing
be it day or night or even early morning

Sitting, watching and thinking
of doing great deeds with good planning

Ideating one after other
and narrating each to mother

Moving legs up and down
Recalling events which are bygone

Dreaming about a bright future
Guessing ways for its nurture

may solve no purpose
but enough to arose

Doing nothing is itself a great thing
as you get a world tour with your wing

Wanna feel high

I want to feel high
Please don't ask me why

I want to see serenity
everywhere in the city

Sky merging with earth
is what I want to feel in this birth

Freedom from all tension
is what I wanted to mention

Blood oozing out
is my dislike with no doubt

Peace in darkness
and in melancholic happiness

is what I have finally found
without  being bound

Boon is in the glass
Euphoria for a lass

That is my destination
in the form of meditation!

My best friend

Did you say I am lonely
looking not so lovely
in a place not very lively

You may be right
You may be wrong
But who cares even if I have none

None doesn't mean none
I  may not have many
But I have one

He is very special
answers my every call
though may not be liked by all

He loves to play ball ball
asks for more food sitting by the wall
and loves to go out and visit stall after stall

He wakes me up
and asks was-sup
as he fetches my newspaper and cup

He gives me company and seldom fights
stays with me all day all night
without going out of sight

He makes my life
livable and bearable with no strife
which isn't very rife

He is my dog
Danny worthy of countless blogs
in sun, rain or fog

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A mistake

A mistake
could put a life at stake

Never did she know this
and therefore made a wish

She wished to be what she was never before
and thought she wasn't asking for more

It wasn't gold, silver or diamond
but the person of whom she was fond

Dressed in maroon and green
She stepped into the lake so serene

There she sat and slept and waited
and the clock ticked away which nobody noted

Wind swept away her hair
as she looked calm and fair

With a tinge of redness on her face
she was blushing with nothing to brace

There came a note
which said bye within quote

Friday, August 3, 2012

Always free

Lonely life in the rain
People think still I am sane

When I go step by step
hearing music from the tape

Crying for vain
and bearing the pain

Tears rolling by
which can't be seen as I am shy

I cross the road
which seems way too broad

Alone I sit under the tree
to set myself free

Yes! Oh Yes, free I was
how much ever I was hit on the ass

I had my hands to fly
up above the sky

Under all circumstances
even with bread of few ounces

I dreamt of freedom
of independence and of no boredom

Though lonely, subtle and humble
I was free even in the jungle

Freedom was all I cared
for which everything I dared

I had decided to be always free
After all it was me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


No, I don’t have the right to feel bad
Be sad and mad at the happy lad

It was my own choice
I preferred not to rejoice

Merrily they went
Covered with sweet scent

The same I was
at a corner in the class

I had no reason to repent
to shout and to vent

I had done the same to him
Over and over I had repeated the sin

Left him alone each time
So that I could dance, dine and wine

Now it was his turn
He showed me how I had left him to mourn

He had the right to feel bad
and his chance now to be glad

I have neither any regrets
nor any plan to take wickets !

Friday, July 27, 2012

My friend

Sleepy as ever
I put my head down for better

Feeling lazy like never before
I decided to have a nap at four

My friend was calling
and again mailing

Two texts she had sent
I couldn't get what she meant

Knew we had to meet
To talk and to sit

She was coming after a long time
to see me and mine

We had planned to chat whole night
which would continue till eight

I had to wake up and dress up
as we were going to meet up

But my eyes refused to open
Stubborn to get up for no men

My bestie was coming
I should be dancing and singing

I saw dream after dream
and imagined putting cream

Lipstick, liner and mascara
all ready to attend the opera

My gown was of pink and blue
getting compliments without giving a clue

Slim and fair and pretty
I looked being in my twenty

Ah! It hurt
I had fallen from the cot

Gone was the dream
and also the cream

My friend was standing
staring and shouting

as to why I didn't reach
although discipline I used to preach

So sorry I was
luckily not in front of mass

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Ring

And the ring came out
Then I said ouch

There lied the golden beauty
Shining on my table sweety

As my eyes stared there
I got lost somewhere

Beautiful were those days
I was happier in many ways

I rose to see him today
and slept to see him another day

Romantic seemed the weather
I didn’t care if I mattered for neither

So was I
All smiling and shy
New people we met
New stories we wrote

However what mattered
Was that I was shattered

As the ring lay on the table
I thought of where to hide and cuddle

Searching happiness

My life took a turn
There was only to mourn                         

No dance, no play, no song, no joy
I felt like a toy

Days passed by
People said bye

Only memories to treasure
No happiness to measure

Sleeping felt no good
It had spoilt my mood

In the darkness of dawn
I found none

Lost in my own thoughts
with many I fought

Thinking of my past
I hoped it would last

my life had taken a turn
and there was only to mourn

I thought what was I
having all senses such as eye

Yes, I look normal
then why can't I impress them all?

Is there a way to delight?
Please show me some light

Rediscovering yourself

When the world leaves you alone
and you need motivation to summon

When you sit lonely and sad
thinking if you will go mad

When there is no one to ask
and you wonder if they were wearing a mask

When you think you will fail
and then you go pale

When everyone rejoice
but you get no choice

When your own don't care
and you fear to dare

Its time to trust thyself
and forget other selves

You discover something new
and you tell that to few

Its a new you
Be proud of you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Be You!

Run run run Mary
because life is in a hurry

Look here, there and everywhere
Everybody wants to reach there

Edwin, Marvin and Peter
each of them wants to be the winner

What is so exciting ?
What is so appealing ?

That the whole world runs
and whoever remaining follows

Don't be lost in thoughts Mary
you won't achieve by being in worry

Let the crazy go in one path
You chose yours and take an oath

Come what may
Be original in your way!

Friday, July 6, 2012

What's in a nose!

What do you prefer? A small nose, a big nose, a blunt nose, a sharp nose or no nose? Do you think I am kidding? Of course not!!

When I was born, my grandmother announced outside the ward that the baby doesn't have a nose. Imagine was I born without a nose and how did she conclude so. Apparently, the friendly doctor had jokingly said that to my grand mom when she inquired about my looks. She took it seriously. Though later on she realized that I do have a nose – a small nose. Are you thinking as to why I am creating an issue out of this and that too writing a blog about nose. No I am not crazy. I just found it worth a write!

People prefer different kinds of noses. It’s a known phenomena that we often crave for what we don't have not realizing the value of what we have. Generally people in East India either have blunt noses or small noses and obviously they do crave for big noses or sharp noses like people have in the North. I too thought that the North Indians must be really proud of their noses until I came to know that one of my North Indian friend actually liked small nose and admired it. I love Soha Ali Khan's nose but was surprised to know that most of my friends from the North disliked her because of her nose.

So, I say what's in a nose and beauty is skin deep. It all depends on people's perception. Sense of beauty varies from individual to individual. 



We say 'I am under depression'. What does this word ‘depression’ mean? Is it something very serious or is it something which can be ignored? Is it permanent or is it just a temporary phase? Well, it can vary from person to person. Depression is often used in place of feeling sad, glum, and unhappy or even getting bored. All these words may sound very petty and are often disregarded. When someone says that he/she is under depression, his/hers very own family members and close friends prefer to brush aside the matter thinking it to very minute.

However, such issues need immediate attention especially from the loved ones. In many cases just some love and extra care from the near and dear ones can make things better. Many people advise to visit therapists, counsellors and call suicide help lines but they rarely are of any help. Our own people do not understand our problems and the already depressed person becomes even more depressed.

Anjali was an engineer and lived respectably. But life gives you both joy and sorrow. So how could Anjali be happy and cheerful all the time? She was very ambitious and her independence was of high value to her even though she came from a very well-to-do family. She dreamt of working in a huge firm which specialized in her career path and one fine day she joined her dream company. To her dismay, her life turned into a night mare. She took a major decision by quitting work in her dream company due to harassment at work place. She had never imagined that she would face such a situation in her life. Her dream company would become her nightmare.  After being supported by her family and being pacified by her friends, she felt better.

Everyone and she herself thought she can get a new job in a week’s time. However things didn’t happen the way she thought. It’s been 6 months now and she is without a job, extremely lonely, has become very touchy and is under heights of depression. She is contemplating suicide and thinking over which form of suicide  would be the best option. Her best friend does not understand her and she is all the more demoralized. We hope she doesn’t take an extreme step. I know most of us will say what a stupid girl she is. It is always easy to say things and laugh at others when we have never faced the situation.

Don’t you think a little more love and care would have made her life better? After all it’s not her fault. She was harassed. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bear family's dilemma

The story begins with Baba bear, mama bear, son bear along with neighbours and their children dancing away to glory at the birthday party of the son bear. Friends of the son bear wish him luck and happiness on his 15th birthday. Son bear’s Xth exams are just over few days back and his birthday has come.
After all the fantastic celebrations, the bear family retires to take rest. Mama bear and Baba bear cuddle up in bed and the light goes dim. Yet they are tensed and discuss about their son. He is done with his Xth exams and has to decide upon a career. Mama and Baba bear want him to choose science as a career and become a scientist or an engineer but they are sad as their son doesn’t show any interest in this field. On the other hand son bear is happily opening up his gifts and is delighted to have received so many marvellous ones.
Next morning when they discuss this over breakfast, son bear says that he wants to be an actor and doesn’t want to study science. When Baba and Mama bear get angry at him, son bear leaves the table and shuts his room loud enough for his neighbours to hear. Just then the telephone rings and when Baba bear picks up, a sweet lady voice says she wants to speak to the son bear. As son bear picks up the telephone from his room, Baba bear listens at the other end to the lady giving kisses and wishing son bear a very happy birthday and demanding for a special treat. Baba and mama bear feel hurt as son bear has been hiding about his girl friend.
As the story moves on there are revolts between son bear and parent bears over taking up science or acting. Son bear doesn’t fill up forms for science education and secretly applies to all acting schools. Parents bear blame the girl friend bear to be responsible for all this. As matters become worse, one day Baba bear suddenly gets a heart attack. Now son bear loves his Baba bear a lot and for his sake gets admission to a science college nearby his home. Son bear secretly prepares for getting an admission to acting school. He joins the science school and when it gets over he goes for a part time course to an acting school. After 2 years when the science course and acting course get over parallely, his parents come to know about it. Son bear manages to pass in his science education but is the topper in his acting school. Now Baba bear understands how much his son has sacrificed for his Dad’s health. The girl friend bear has revealed all this to the Baba and Mama bears. Finally the son gets an admission to the top acting school for a graduation degree where he excels and has offers to act in commercial advertisements after joining college. The story ends on a happy note giving the message to the audience to let their children do what they like because they will excel in that. As a saying goes, ‘There would have been no Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar if they had been forced to do something else.’

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


How is a life being single? You have no commitment, no one to answer to, no responsibility whatsoever. You may or may not care for yourself. But rarely do people realize it and then as the rule of life goes they strive for a girl friend or a boy friend to settle down in life and think that it is the best thing which could happen and yes having a girl friend or a boy friend would earn them prestige in the society. As per the pedagogy no one believes in loving one self and being blissful. Rather we look for a soul mate to love us.

The story revolves around the life of a guy and a girl who are neighbours but strangers to each other. They are independent individuals belonging to the office going crowd who live alone and are of course career oriented. Both of them are single initially.  As time passes by, chemistry starts between the two neighbours. As is the story of everyone else, the boy eyes the girl, marks her moves in her daily life and the girl one day finds it out. When the boy is caught red handed, the love chemistry starts with girl visiting the boys house and the vice versa. They become good friends and soon they fall in love. And this is how the love story begins. Like every couple, they paint the city red, they roam around places, share their feelings and minute details of happenings in everyday life. They live life to the fullest and finally they decide to get married. 

So on the D day, they get married in a temple and also have a registered marriage, and then they proceed to their new home. They plan everything out to be nothing but just the perfect. Initial days pass out very smooth and their love for each other becomes manifold.
Yet some times they fight with each other but let it go thinking fights are a part of every love life. Later they join back their work and are back to the hectic schedules. They start fighting over minute things. Number of fights increases every day and their life becomes miserable. The girl is frustrated with her job and she hates it. She vents up her frustration at home and the guy gives her back. Finally the girl quits her job. Also she thinks it can save her marriage by lessening the fights and then when things become normal in their love life, she can find a new job. However little does she realize that it doesn't help and she becomes so engrossed as a home maker that she postpones searching for a new job till a time unknown. With this they fight more and more. Both can’t tolerate each other but just live with each other. They feel that their love for each other is dead. It all ends with the guy slapping the girl and the girl doing the same. They get divorced. 

Both move back to their respective studio apartments and ignore each other despite of being neighbours again. Even if at instances the guy feels he misses the girl, ego overcomes his love and he lives with it. The girl searches for a new job now and gets it. They are back to their pre marriage stage of life. Now they say that they hate each other as much they loved each other earlier. Even if one comes in another’s way by chance, they completely pay no attention to it and continue their work as if they are not at all affected.

However, it actually affects them in some corner of their heart. Time passes by and somehow they again get attracted to each other as neighbours. It is rightly said ‘True love never dies’. They finally patch up and remarry.

So, the movie goes through the phases of bachelorhood, love, marriage, divorce, bachelorhood again followed by the same love and then marriage again. Our movie is a love story with a tinge of humour in it. So at the end when they remarry, we show that ‘Har saal mein ek divorce to banta hi hai’ i.e. One should get divorced in every year. This is on a humour note. What we want to say is that, because they got separated from each other and missed each other, their love increased which led to getting married again.