Friday, July 27, 2012

My friend

Sleepy as ever
I put my head down for better

Feeling lazy like never before
I decided to have a nap at four

My friend was calling
and again mailing

Two texts she had sent
I couldn't get what she meant

Knew we had to meet
To talk and to sit

She was coming after a long time
to see me and mine

We had planned to chat whole night
which would continue till eight

I had to wake up and dress up
as we were going to meet up

But my eyes refused to open
Stubborn to get up for no men

My bestie was coming
I should be dancing and singing

I saw dream after dream
and imagined putting cream

Lipstick, liner and mascara
all ready to attend the opera

My gown was of pink and blue
getting compliments without giving a clue

Slim and fair and pretty
I looked being in my twenty

Ah! It hurt
I had fallen from the cot

Gone was the dream
and also the cream

My friend was standing
staring and shouting

as to why I didn't reach
although discipline I used to preach

So sorry I was
luckily not in front of mass

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