Friday, July 6, 2012



We say 'I am under depression'. What does this word ‘depression’ mean? Is it something very serious or is it something which can be ignored? Is it permanent or is it just a temporary phase? Well, it can vary from person to person. Depression is often used in place of feeling sad, glum, and unhappy or even getting bored. All these words may sound very petty and are often disregarded. When someone says that he/she is under depression, his/hers very own family members and close friends prefer to brush aside the matter thinking it to very minute.

However, such issues need immediate attention especially from the loved ones. In many cases just some love and extra care from the near and dear ones can make things better. Many people advise to visit therapists, counsellors and call suicide help lines but they rarely are of any help. Our own people do not understand our problems and the already depressed person becomes even more depressed.

Anjali was an engineer and lived respectably. But life gives you both joy and sorrow. So how could Anjali be happy and cheerful all the time? She was very ambitious and her independence was of high value to her even though she came from a very well-to-do family. She dreamt of working in a huge firm which specialized in her career path and one fine day she joined her dream company. To her dismay, her life turned into a night mare. She took a major decision by quitting work in her dream company due to harassment at work place. She had never imagined that she would face such a situation in her life. Her dream company would become her nightmare.  After being supported by her family and being pacified by her friends, she felt better.

Everyone and she herself thought she can get a new job in a week’s time. However things didn’t happen the way she thought. It’s been 6 months now and she is without a job, extremely lonely, has become very touchy and is under heights of depression. She is contemplating suicide and thinking over which form of suicide  would be the best option. Her best friend does not understand her and she is all the more demoralized. We hope she doesn’t take an extreme step. I know most of us will say what a stupid girl she is. It is always easy to say things and laugh at others when we have never faced the situation.

Don’t you think a little more love and care would have made her life better? After all it’s not her fault. She was harassed.