Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bear family's dilemma

The story begins with Baba bear, mama bear, son bear along with neighbours and their children dancing away to glory at the birthday party of the son bear. Friends of the son bear wish him luck and happiness on his 15th birthday. Son bear’s Xth exams are just over few days back and his birthday has come.
After all the fantastic celebrations, the bear family retires to take rest. Mama bear and Baba bear cuddle up in bed and the light goes dim. Yet they are tensed and discuss about their son. He is done with his Xth exams and has to decide upon a career. Mama and Baba bear want him to choose science as a career and become a scientist or an engineer but they are sad as their son doesn’t show any interest in this field. On the other hand son bear is happily opening up his gifts and is delighted to have received so many marvellous ones.
Next morning when they discuss this over breakfast, son bear says that he wants to be an actor and doesn’t want to study science. When Baba and Mama bear get angry at him, son bear leaves the table and shuts his room loud enough for his neighbours to hear. Just then the telephone rings and when Baba bear picks up, a sweet lady voice says she wants to speak to the son bear. As son bear picks up the telephone from his room, Baba bear listens at the other end to the lady giving kisses and wishing son bear a very happy birthday and demanding for a special treat. Baba and mama bear feel hurt as son bear has been hiding about his girl friend.
As the story moves on there are revolts between son bear and parent bears over taking up science or acting. Son bear doesn’t fill up forms for science education and secretly applies to all acting schools. Parents bear blame the girl friend bear to be responsible for all this. As matters become worse, one day Baba bear suddenly gets a heart attack. Now son bear loves his Baba bear a lot and for his sake gets admission to a science college nearby his home. Son bear secretly prepares for getting an admission to acting school. He joins the science school and when it gets over he goes for a part time course to an acting school. After 2 years when the science course and acting course get over parallely, his parents come to know about it. Son bear manages to pass in his science education but is the topper in his acting school. Now Baba bear understands how much his son has sacrificed for his Dad’s health. The girl friend bear has revealed all this to the Baba and Mama bears. Finally the son gets an admission to the top acting school for a graduation degree where he excels and has offers to act in commercial advertisements after joining college. The story ends on a happy note giving the message to the audience to let their children do what they like because they will excel in that. As a saying goes, ‘There would have been no Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar if they had been forced to do something else.’

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