Monday, August 13, 2012

My Mom

Sitting with palms on cheeks
I started feeling meek

Weak and low in confidence
Missing someone’s presence
Someone who mattered so much
who cared with a loving touch

I missed her
more and more

The farther she went
It got easy to vent

Messed up was I
Only who cared was she

She was my sun shine
Without her I felt like a vine

I never told her
whenever she was near

that how much I cared
and even more I loved

Never did I show any emotion
Though she had the notion

I will wait for her arrival
Till then will be busy in revival

Doing Nothing!

Facebook, gmail and nothing
combined with lot of sleeping

is a great way of doing nothing
be it day or night or even early morning

Sitting, watching and thinking
of doing great deeds with good planning

Ideating one after other
and narrating each to mother

Moving legs up and down
Recalling events which are bygone

Dreaming about a bright future
Guessing ways for its nurture

may solve no purpose
but enough to arose

Doing nothing is itself a great thing
as you get a world tour with your wing

Wanna feel high

I want to feel high
Please don't ask me why

I want to see serenity
everywhere in the city

Sky merging with earth
is what I want to feel in this birth

Freedom from all tension
is what I wanted to mention

Blood oozing out
is my dislike with no doubt

Peace in darkness
and in melancholic happiness

is what I have finally found
without  being bound

Boon is in the glass
Euphoria for a lass

That is my destination
in the form of meditation!

My best friend

Did you say I am lonely
looking not so lovely
in a place not very lively

You may be right
You may be wrong
But who cares even if I have none

None doesn't mean none
I  may not have many
But I have one

He is very special
answers my every call
though may not be liked by all

He loves to play ball ball
asks for more food sitting by the wall
and loves to go out and visit stall after stall

He wakes me up
and asks was-sup
as he fetches my newspaper and cup

He gives me company and seldom fights
stays with me all day all night
without going out of sight

He makes my life
livable and bearable with no strife
which isn't very rife

He is my dog
Danny worthy of countless blogs
in sun, rain or fog

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A mistake

A mistake
could put a life at stake

Never did she know this
and therefore made a wish

She wished to be what she was never before
and thought she wasn't asking for more

It wasn't gold, silver or diamond
but the person of whom she was fond

Dressed in maroon and green
She stepped into the lake so serene

There she sat and slept and waited
and the clock ticked away which nobody noted

Wind swept away her hair
as she looked calm and fair

With a tinge of redness on her face
she was blushing with nothing to brace

There came a note
which said bye within quote

Friday, August 3, 2012

Always free

Lonely life in the rain
People think still I am sane

When I go step by step
hearing music from the tape

Crying for vain
and bearing the pain

Tears rolling by
which can't be seen as I am shy

I cross the road
which seems way too broad

Alone I sit under the tree
to set myself free

Yes! Oh Yes, free I was
how much ever I was hit on the ass

I had my hands to fly
up above the sky

Under all circumstances
even with bread of few ounces

I dreamt of freedom
of independence and of no boredom

Though lonely, subtle and humble
I was free even in the jungle

Freedom was all I cared
for which everything I dared

I had decided to be always free
After all it was me.