Monday, August 13, 2012

My best friend

Did you say I am lonely
looking not so lovely
in a place not very lively

You may be right
You may be wrong
But who cares even if I have none

None doesn't mean none
I  may not have many
But I have one

He is very special
answers my every call
though may not be liked by all

He loves to play ball ball
asks for more food sitting by the wall
and loves to go out and visit stall after stall

He wakes me up
and asks was-sup
as he fetches my newspaper and cup

He gives me company and seldom fights
stays with me all day all night
without going out of sight

He makes my life
livable and bearable with no strife
which isn't very rife

He is my dog
Danny worthy of countless blogs
in sun, rain or fog

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