Tuesday, February 28, 2012


How is a life being single? You have no commitment, no one to answer to, no responsibility whatsoever. You may or may not care for yourself. But rarely do people realize it and then as the rule of life goes they strive for a girl friend or a boy friend to settle down in life and think that it is the best thing which could happen and yes having a girl friend or a boy friend would earn them prestige in the society. As per the pedagogy no one believes in loving one self and being blissful. Rather we look for a soul mate to love us.

The story revolves around the life of a guy and a girl who are neighbours but strangers to each other. They are independent individuals belonging to the office going crowd who live alone and are of course career oriented. Both of them are single initially.  As time passes by, chemistry starts between the two neighbours. As is the story of everyone else, the boy eyes the girl, marks her moves in her daily life and the girl one day finds it out. When the boy is caught red handed, the love chemistry starts with girl visiting the boys house and the vice versa. They become good friends and soon they fall in love. And this is how the love story begins. Like every couple, they paint the city red, they roam around places, share their feelings and minute details of happenings in everyday life. They live life to the fullest and finally they decide to get married. 

So on the D day, they get married in a temple and also have a registered marriage, and then they proceed to their new home. They plan everything out to be nothing but just the perfect. Initial days pass out very smooth and their love for each other becomes manifold.
Yet some times they fight with each other but let it go thinking fights are a part of every love life. Later they join back their work and are back to the hectic schedules. They start fighting over minute things. Number of fights increases every day and their life becomes miserable. The girl is frustrated with her job and she hates it. She vents up her frustration at home and the guy gives her back. Finally the girl quits her job. Also she thinks it can save her marriage by lessening the fights and then when things become normal in their love life, she can find a new job. However little does she realize that it doesn't help and she becomes so engrossed as a home maker that she postpones searching for a new job till a time unknown. With this they fight more and more. Both can’t tolerate each other but just live with each other. They feel that their love for each other is dead. It all ends with the guy slapping the girl and the girl doing the same. They get divorced. 

Both move back to their respective studio apartments and ignore each other despite of being neighbours again. Even if at instances the guy feels he misses the girl, ego overcomes his love and he lives with it. The girl searches for a new job now and gets it. They are back to their pre marriage stage of life. Now they say that they hate each other as much they loved each other earlier. Even if one comes in another’s way by chance, they completely pay no attention to it and continue their work as if they are not at all affected.

However, it actually affects them in some corner of their heart. Time passes by and somehow they again get attracted to each other as neighbours. It is rightly said ‘True love never dies’. They finally patch up and remarry.

So, the movie goes through the phases of bachelorhood, love, marriage, divorce, bachelorhood again followed by the same love and then marriage again. Our movie is a love story with a tinge of humour in it. So at the end when they remarry, we show that ‘Har saal mein ek divorce to banta hi hai’ i.e. One should get divorced in every year. This is on a humour note. What we want to say is that, because they got separated from each other and missed each other, their love increased which led to getting married again.