Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rediscovering yourself

When the world leaves you alone
and you need motivation to summon

When you sit lonely and sad
thinking if you will go mad

When there is no one to ask
and you wonder if they were wearing a mask

When you think you will fail
and then you go pale

When everyone rejoice
but you get no choice

When your own don't care
and you fear to dare

Its time to trust thyself
and forget other selves

You discover something new
and you tell that to few

Its a new you
Be proud of you!


  1. really touching n true...bt in life moments cm wn true friends are always wid u bt u r in such situation dat u think nobdy is dere. We shud be bold enuf to pass those moments widout losing true frens.

    1. thank u! jo hai wo rahenge.. hum na kisiko pakdenge na kisiko chorenge...