Friday, July 6, 2012

What's in a nose!

What do you prefer? A small nose, a big nose, a blunt nose, a sharp nose or no nose? Do you think I am kidding? Of course not!!

When I was born, my grandmother announced outside the ward that the baby doesn't have a nose. Imagine was I born without a nose and how did she conclude so. Apparently, the friendly doctor had jokingly said that to my grand mom when she inquired about my looks. She took it seriously. Though later on she realized that I do have a nose – a small nose. Are you thinking as to why I am creating an issue out of this and that too writing a blog about nose. No I am not crazy. I just found it worth a write!

People prefer different kinds of noses. It’s a known phenomena that we often crave for what we don't have not realizing the value of what we have. Generally people in East India either have blunt noses or small noses and obviously they do crave for big noses or sharp noses like people have in the North. I too thought that the North Indians must be really proud of their noses until I came to know that one of my North Indian friend actually liked small nose and admired it. I love Soha Ali Khan's nose but was surprised to know that most of my friends from the North disliked her because of her nose.

So, I say what's in a nose and beauty is skin deep. It all depends on people's perception. Sense of beauty varies from individual to individual. 


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