Friday, June 28, 2013

Shopaholic me

I am a shopaholic by birth. Atleast, this is what I love to call myself. I believe shopping is the best therapy. Shop till you drop and cure all your problems is my motto. I spend more than half or rather my entire salary in shopping. I am such a spend thrift. But you know what, bad time comes for every one and I have seen the worst of my times. I shopped using my Dad’s money even when I was not working for a year. Now, I have to write a different blog or may be many different blogs to tell you why I was not working. That’s a different story altogether. To add to my jobless woes, I got married. I actually, really and desperately wanted to marry my long time sweet heart. But just few days before marriage, I was so very nervous. I seriously wanted to run away. However the tale of my marriage blues is apt for another blog. Let me come to the story of my shopping spree.
On a pleasant week day, my friends and I decided to leave early from office and indulge ourselves in shopping. We went to this mall nearby called the Raghuleela mall in Vashi. It is a shopping mall with branded stores as well as small non branded stores which sell typical clothes at reasonable prices. It gives the feel of street shopping inside a mall. You get all these funky stuffs under one roof. I stepped to a kurti shop with my friend. To add to my excitement, I saw a galore of kurtis with all kinds of colours and prints. I wanted to pick not one, not two but many of them. Alas, I was reminded that I am married and cannot spend or waste (as my husband would call it) all my money in shopping. Hesitantly, I picked just a single pair of kurti and leggings and walked out of the store. On the way back home, I became nostalgic of my life as a spinster. I wanted to go back to that life and be a free bird again. There were none to seek permission from and none to stop me from doing anything whatsoever. However, I loved my husband and today, life is what I have chosen. Anyway, back home I immediately put on my new kurti and discovered that it was a little loose. Then my friend Dipti’s advice came to my mind. She had told that it would shrink after one wash. I smiled and neatly kept it in my cupboard. After some days, I wore it to work and many of my colleagues liked it. I was satisfied and set it aside to wear after some days pass by. Yesterday, I had a haircut and wanted to wear something cute. My eyes instantaneously searched for the same polka dotted green kurti. I thought that will look the prettiest. I felt sudden love for my green kurti and put it on without any hesitance. Ofcourse, it did match my haircut as I had imagined.

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